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Sport as an aspect of the school curriculum is an integral part of an individual's development, requiring physical involvement in organised games or activities with an accepted set of rules. Participation, enjoyment and skill development are essential features of a successful school sport program.

The Oyster Bay Public School community is characterised by a strong tradition of support for participation in a variety of competitive and recreational sporting activities. As role models, teachers and parents bring enthusiasm, skill, interest and life-long involvement to sport. The culture within the school community is for children to participate to the best of their abilities, aiming for ‘Personal Best', whilst at all times displaying a commitment to fair play, team work and sportsmanship.

PSSA Sport

Oyster Bay Public School provides the opportunity for students to be involved in inter-school sport competitions.  As a NSW public school we benefit from the opportunities for shared activities and competitions with other schools, coordinated by school sport associations.  In 2013 the children were able to try out for the following sporting teams:

Sutherland SESSA Zone Code of Conduct

Summer PSSA Sports (Term 1)
Boys Senior Softball, Boys Junior Kanga Cricket and Girls Junior and Senior Touch Football.

Winter PSSA
Boys Senior and Junior Rugby League, Girls Senior and Junior Netball and Mixed senior and Junior Soccer.

Summer PSSA Sports (Term 4) 
Boys Senior Cricket, Boys Junior Teeball, Girls Senior Softball.

Students participating in PSSA sport are required to complete, and abide by, our Code of Conduct.

See also the Premier's sporting challenge for details.

Our sport houses are:

  • Green - COOK
  • Blue - FLINDERS
  • Red - STURT
  • Yellow - PHILLIP

2013 Year 6 Sport House Captains are:


Captains - Christopher German & Ally Harper

Vice - Brock Wells and Paris Barnard


Captains - Joshua Bishopp & Mia Peters

Vice - Jonathan Goodall & Zara Post


Captains - Sidney Mulholland & Sam Rose

Vice - Zac Matterson & Isabel Hodge


Captains - Tyler Murray & Samantha Walker

Vice - Kiara Johnston & Jaspar Ville






2012 STURT Bridie Newton Liam Thompson
2011 STURT Livvy Wills & Rebecca Janes Ben Steele
2010 PHILLIP Jacqui Gordon Jacob Till
2009 PHILLIP Tiana Williams Ben Wilcox
2008 PHILLIP Hannah Rose Jack Collins 
2007 COOK Sophie Gollan Jake Mackay
2006 FLINDERS Nicole Janes Cohen Simmons-Smith &
Brendan Mitchell
2005  PHILLIP Nicola Rutty Anthony Sawdy
2004  COOK Kate Emmanuel Brendan Sexty
2003  STURT Kelsie Westwood Jeffery Cole 
2002  STURT Kate Moyle Brendan Hol
2001  PHILLIP Sally Page Tom Westwood
2000  STURT  Holly Martin Adam Alijagic