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Student Leadership

Student leadership provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in the decision making process at our school. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles in an endeavour to increase their own leadership skills, act as effective role models for the student body and offer responsible service to their school and peers.

Students don't have to be school captains or house captains to be considered leaders. We encourage our students to be leaders in the classroom and playground, through their support for other students, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or community events and projects.

Students Leaders 2016

Prime Minister - Tom Lawson
Deputy Prime Minister - Emma Simpson
Speaker of the House - Lucy Rader

Minister for The Arts
Jessica Miller

Minister for Charities, Fundraising and Student Welfare
Teresa Potts

Minister for Science, Technology and Learning
Dante ten Brinke

MInister for Carnivals and Representation

Sam Hulbert

MInister for PSSA, Sport Options and Deputy Speaker

Ashton Van der Woerd