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Each For All


As we are a split site school we are a little different to many schools as we operate two canteens.  We are very fortunate to have a Canteen Supervisor who organises the food for both sites. Our canteen supervisor is Donna Turner. 
Donna can be contacted through the school office on 9528 7525.

Both canteens are open every day
except Tuesday.

We follow the guidelines for the "Healthy Canteen Policy" therefore we provide a healthy menu for the children.  We have 2 "Fun Days" (an opporturnity to have food not normally sold in the canteen) a term. On one of these days we have a combined "Fun Lunch" for both sites.  This gives the children the opportunity to meet with the other site and enjoy a "Fun Lunch" together. 
On the other day, we have "Yummy Cake Day" where two years provide yummy cup cakes for the whole school.  Each cake is sold for 50c and the money we raise goes towards our sponsored child in Uganda.

The Canteen Committee also offers "Sushi Days"  twice a term for all students.

Our Canteen Committee organises our Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls for the children. 

OBPS Canteen Menu T 1 - 2018